Get to Know The KAR Shop in Rogers, AR

Jack and Keith are more buddies than brothers. Because they are nine years apart, they didn't really grow up together although they did follow the same path. They married, raised their children, and developed their careers separately, all the while keeping in touch and comparing war stories about auto repair. Keith became an avid hunter and fisherman while growing up in South Florida, and still enjoys those activities today. Just mention hunting or fishing stories, and you'll have him going for a while. His favorites are escapades of shark fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jack is also interested in shooting sports and hunting, and they have enjoyed many hours afield together. A few years ago Jack took an introductory flying lesson and got hooked on flying. He especially enjoys flying across the state to Jonesboro to visit his daughter and grandchildren. Jack and Keith complement each other in their talents and knowledge, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Team at The Kar Shop, auto repair shop in Rogers AR

History of The KAR Shop

"Our dad was in the service station business since the ‘50s (remember those?), so we grew up around the business. It was just a natural selection of careers when it came time to get a job and start making a living. We have both worked for a number of dealers and independents throughout our working life, gaining valuable experience as the industry evolved into the electronic age. We have both been certified master technicians for over 35 years.

"Working for others, you get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of this business. After seeing plenty of the right and wrong ways to do business, we decided that we could do a better job of customer service than most and began talking about opening up our own shop. We pooled our intellect and resources and that resulted in The KAR Shop as it is today. Every day we strive to provide the best service and repairs possible to our customers. We treat people like we want to be treated, honestly and fairly. You can't ask for more than that."

Kevin Braker

Kevin Braker, General Manager

Kevin was born not too far up the road in Carthage Missouri. He did move around a little bit and lived in Lamar, MO, Remington, IN, Roanoke, IL, Indianapolis, IN and finally right here in Rogers. He is a graduate of Roanoke-Benson High School in Roanoke, IL. He has two sisters Karel and Michelle. Kevin is married to his lovely wife Janice and has three grown children. They have two sons Jonathon and Jake and a daughter Kelly.

His Dad is the kind of guy who can fix almost anything so for as long as he can remember, he has been taking things apart and putting them back together just to see how they worked. He advanced to tinkering with cars and found his vocation. He loves cars and working on engines. He is a graduate of Quincey Technical School for Automotive and Diesel Technologies. He's worked in the industry for the last 32 years so he has quite a lot of experience under his belt. He has owned and operated his own shop for a while, he was Service Manager at a General Motors Dealership where he graduated General Motors Manager Training, he managed a successful high performance engine building business and most recently managed a Firestone Store.

Kevin and Janice found, after their youngest graduated, that Indianapolis was not the place that they wanted to continue to live and retire, so the search was on. The criteria were that they wanted to be on or near a lake, closer to relatives, able to find good jobs (Janice is a Nurse), and beautiful topography. In general, just a great place to work and retire. They did a thorough investigation and decided to look at N.W. Arkansas settling on the Rogers area. Janice will be working at one of our local Hospitals and Kevin will take over the Management of The KAR Shop allowing one of the partners, Jack, to slow down a bit.

Kevin has varied interests. He loves music, live or recorded. He's huge into boating and fishing. In fact, that's one of the reasons he picked Rogers, for its proximity to Beaver Lake. He's also a big fan of Motor Sports and Demolition Derbies. We'll introduce him to the one at the Springdale Rodeo Grounds. He also loves playing the board games Acquire and Rail Barron and anything that involves spending time with his family. He is also into grilling and smoking meats.

He has tremendous respect and honor for all veterans. His father-in law, several uncles and son have all served and we thank them for their service. Kevin really enjoys the interaction with customers and, like the rest of us, he doesn't like liars or mean people. We're looking forward to Kevin helping us grow and serve you better for years to come.

Will Weber, Technician at The Kar Shop, auto repair shop in Rogers AR

Will Weber, ASE Certified Technician

Will was born and raised in the wide open country of Douglas Wyoming and has a younger sister named Catie. His Dad was kind of a Jack of all trades, likely out of the necessity to be self-sufficient. Will liked helping his Dad whether he was doing landscaping, building cabinets, fixing cars, or whatever. He learned a lot of skills but decided that he liked working on cars most. He attended Douglas High School and Casper College in Wyoming, majoring in Automotive Technologies.

Will likes John Wayne movies, hunting, shooting sports, video games, and horses. Not the 'on the hoof' kind but the kind you find under your hood. We think he has added horses to everything he has ever owned. Will also enjoys riding his motorcycle and playing bass guitar.

Will was ready for a change when his best friend, Gram, was making plans to move to Arkansas about a year and a half ago. He decided that he was up for the adventure and came with Gram, his wife, April, and another friend named Mike, all longtime friends. He has since met a pretty young thing named Ashley, and they are becoming very close.

Will is our resident "hippie." If you see him come through the waiting area, you'll recognize him by his ponytail, but don't judge a book by its cover. He's a very experienced and qualified tech.

A few of things he doesn't like are bad drivers, crowds, and ladders.

Will is ASE Certified, and has completed the Automotive Technologies Training at Casper College. He comes to us with seven years of repair experience, and continues to hone his skills as all of us in this field do.

John Wicks, Technician at The Kar Shop, auto repair shop in Rogers AR

Dan Myers, Technician

Dan was born in Aurora Colorado and raised in the Niwot area N.E. of Boulder. He has a sister, Christy, who lives in Longmont, Colorado and works for the Social Security Administration there. He moved to Arkansas 14 years ago to marry his sweetheart, Norma. In the long run, unfortunately, that wasn't successful but they did have two boys, Jordan, 12 and Samuel, 13 who live with Dan. Samuel is a special child and Dan stays on top of his needs like any good parent would. To me, that makes Dan special too.

While growing up, his dad and grandfather made sure that he took pride in and knew what hard work was by exposing him to whatever chores needed doing. That included sticking his head under the hood whenever they worked on any of their vehicles. He found an aptitude for fixing things and stuck with auto repair.

He got his first job fixing cars in 1986. Because of his dedication and pride in workmanship he had achieved ASE Master Technician status by 1992. He has worked in a number of shops in the N. W. Arkansas area building automatic transmissions, working on diesel engines and working as a general technician. He has experience with both foreign and domestic vehicles. He worked most recently in a shop in Elkins, a very long commute and quite a ways from Samuel should there be an emergency, so finding us in our time of need was a Godsend. Now he's close to home should the need arise

Dan is a big fan of aviation. He'll talk for hours about different types and models of aircraft he has flown in growing up as well as a number of interesting models he has studied. Although he doesn't fly himself, he really enjoys piloting remote controlled models of various types of planes. Somethings he doesn't like are unfriendly, grumpy people, who does?

With 30 years of experience to date, he is a fine technician and we look forward to many years of association with him. We know he'll do a great job for you.

Truen Taylor, Technician at The Kar Shop, auto repair shop in Rogers AR

Truen Taylor, Technician

Truen is a true native Arkansan, unlike most of the people we meet who came here from all over the country for some corporate reason. He was born in Springdale and has lived in Springdale, Huntsville, Kansas City and now in Rogers. He lives with his wife, Summer, and their two year old son Beckett.

He graduated from Huntsville High School where he took several automotive classes. He did very well and was chosen to represent Huntsville High at the State Ford/AAA automotive competition.

After graduation he joined the Marine Corps and served our country for the next ten years. We thank him for his service. Honorably discharged, he used the GI Bill to attend Northwest Technical Institute and continue his studies in automotive technologies. He was also chosen to represent NTI at the State Skills USA Competition between technical schools. He is obviously a good student and as we have found out, he is becoming a very good technician. He currently has his Student ASE Certifications and when he completes his experience requirement he will be eligible for the ASE Standard Certification tests. Those he will start to take very soon.

Truen is an easy going kind of guy and loves spending quality time with his family and also enjoys many outdoor activities (including but not limited to) hiking, canoeing, camping, riding his dirt bike and all sort of team sports. He loves a challenge. That's a very good thing because this automotive field is constantly changing and it will continue to be a challenge to keep up with all the new technologies coming down the pike.

We look forward to our relationship with Truen and will do everything we can to tutor him into being the quality technician that is within him.