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"Had several thousands of dollars worth of work done here. Kyle the service writer is polite and professional, the techs kept my car clean and didnt joy ride in it. The work was done exactly as quoted, and i was called for an additional part that was needed during the work. I wouldnt go anywhere else.

Seeing the sign that diagnostic work would be charged for bc they have to pay their techs means they care about the technicians, which means the tech care about their jobs and your car. This sold me on trying this shop."

— Google Review

"I recently moved to NWA for a new job. One morning, my car would not start. Being new to the area, I did not know where to take my car to be repaired. I searched online for a repair shop close by with good reviews. The KAR Shop had the best reviews & was only two blocks away. I have dealt with many auto shops but have never dealt with a more fair, reliable, honest & friendly repair shop as The KAR Shop.

"They have gone out of their way for me on a number of occasions. When my car was being repaired, they gave me a ride to work. They have literally save me hundreds of dollars. I could tell right away on my first visit that it is a family-run business that is focused on customer satisfaction. It is a very "clean" auto shop unlike others I have visited that are very dirty and run down. They have a nice lobby area and their staff are all very approachable and friendly. I am not a very car savvy person, but each time I have been there they have explained everything clearly and I have never felt that I was being taken advantage of. I am going to be purchasing another car in the next couple of weeks and I will not let anyone work on that car, besides The KAR Shop. I am a customer for life & will ALWAYS recommend them to everyone for any car work needed. "

— Google Review

"Very satisfied with the work, Courteous and friendly people. Will go back and highly recomend to others. "

— Google Review

"Great Customer Service. Quality work came in under estimate. Had to wait several days for an appt --- because they are recognized for their excellent work at fair prices. The only shop in Bentonville / Rogers that had the proper tools & experience to work on our VW."

— Yelp Review

"Excellent service and communication. My initial concerns for my vehicle were not correct as to the root cause. The mechanic then determined the actual cause and saved me a good amount of money. Honest and trustworthy service."

— Google Review

"This company is great and honest. They fix only what actually needs fixing, make recommendations for future maintenance and keep track of it all for you so you don't have to. It is resfreshing to have an trustworthy, knowledgeable place to go. We would recommend this company to anyone."

— Google Review

"By far the best service in town. Experience does matter. Thanks for making my car (oops, I meant kar!) run better and brake better! "

— Google Review